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Not Just Investments Thumbnail

Not Just Investments

“Why do you call yourself a financial advisor? Don’t you just do investments? Why not stockbroker or investment advisor?”

That question, from a fellow golfer after league a few weeks ago, took me aback. Yes, investment selection and review is a big part of my job, but it’s far from all I do.

I decided to think back and write down what I’ve done the last few months that isn’t just investments. I have:

  • Reviewed a long-term care policy for clients to determine if the new policy premium increase was worthwhile
  • Used tech tools available to me to craft financial plans and evaluate individual clients’ risk tolerances
  • Provided guidance about how an upcoming merger is likely to impact a client’s employment
  • Reviewed recent interest rate moves with a client and talked about what the moves mean for mortgage rates
  • Created a retirement income plan with the goal of limiting taxes while providing my client with the necessary income
  • Reviewed and discussed a client’s Social Security options
  • Discussed the benefits of various estate planning strategies in relation to their investment accounts
  • Recommended books on various financial topics to a number of clients
  • Had numerous conversations on general economic topics
  • Advised clients on how to make charitable gifts in the most efficient manner possible
  • Recommended Required Minimum Distribution withdrawal strategies to limit tax exposure
  • Strategized about how to best use the various account types available to a client’s benefit

That list – and there are more I could have included – has nothing to do with evaluating, reviewing, and purchasing specific investments.

My job as a financial advisor isn’t just about investments. Instead, it’s about creating a healthy financial life.