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Financial Wisdom

for Parents

Saving for college while also planning for your future is difficult. My wife and I struggle balancing how much we set aside for retirement, putting money away for higher education for our three children and the day-to-day expenses of life. If, like us, you had a multiple birth, it can be twice (or three times, or more) as daunting. Factor in that at many places you need to have a certain asset base to receive professional advice and it can seem like the deck is stacked against you.

I understand what you’re going through and am passionate about filling in that gap. While I typically serve clients with $250,000 or more in investable assets, I make exceptions for parents who are serious about saving to meet multiple future goals. We will work together to set interim goals and evaluate your progress.

I am a big believer in saving for college, but I understand that it can be a confusing process. I have created this graphic as a suggested timeline for both college savings and raising money smart kids.

I hope the below video covers some questions you might have about 529 College Savings Plans. 

Recommendations for Parents:



This website has lots of great financial games for kids of all ages. Try Financial Football; it’s a favorite in my house.


The Berenstain Bears' Trouble with Money by Stan and Jan Barenstein
The "Pretty Penny" series by Devon Kinch
Lemonade in Winter: A Book About Two Kids Counting Money by Emily Jenkins
A Chair for My Mother by Vera B Williams