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The Time is Yours Thumbnail

The Time is Yours

“The time is yours.”

That’s how my high school math teacher, Mr. Seif, ended each lesson. He would have preferred for us to work on our math assignment so he could help if we got stuck, but the decision was left to each individual student.

Usually, I would do my math, but on occasion I would work on homework for another class or talk ball with my friends. Knowing that “The time is yours” was coming was comforting – I knew it was happening every day and could plan around it.

I think we all hope that “The time is yours” is coming for us later in life when retirement arrives.

We often focus on the financial aspects of retirement - and for good reason! Being ill-prepared financially could mean a lower standard of living in retirement, having to relocate, or working a job in your later years to keep the money flowing.

Frequently overlooked, however, is the emotional aspect of retirement. Some people struggle because their identity was wrapped up in their job, some miss the social interaction in the workplace, and some just don’t know what to do with themselves.

Just like you need a financial plan for retirement, I think you need a social plan as well. Even if your expectation in retirement is to travel, that’s probably not going to happen 300 days per year. Will you volunteer? Watch your grandkids? Golf six days a week? Plan your day around The Price is Right?

When you reach the ultimate “The time is yours”, what will you do to make sure that life is still enjoyable and fulfilling?

Photo by Lukas Blazek on Unsplash