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What Does CCFC Mean? Thumbnail

What Does CCFC Mean?

The email congratulating me on passing exam came Monday morning, along with suggested copy for an announcement:

I am excited to announce that I have officially met the requirements to be a Certified College Financial Consultant (CCFC)! 

The CCFC Designation program incorporates specialized training in the areas of education funding, tax planning with education deductions and credits, financial aid planning, student loan advising, and practical planning for high income/high net worth individuals, business owners, divorced/blended/non-traditional families, and grandparents. In addition to meeting education and experience requirements, all CCFCs must abide by the AICCFC code of ethics by putting the needs of their clients before their own at all times.

But, what on earth does that mean? And how might it help you?

The CCFC program covers a broad range of college funding topics, from saving for a child (or grandchild’s) post-secondary education all the way to student loan repayment options. I feel so strongly about the importance of financial planning around college expenses that I jumped at the chance to become, I believe, the first in the state of Michigan with this designation.

Before I began the program, I was familiar with the various college savings options. I have preached about the importance of 529 Plans and other savings vehicles for years – and have used them in saving for my own children’s post-secondary education. 

Where my knowledge was limited was in other college payment options beyond savings – scholarships, grants, and student loans. I learned so much about these areas during the program that I now feel comfortable offering suggestions and solutions. 

The landscape around paying for college is constantly shifting and being a part of the CCFC community will help me stay on top of the changes that are sure to come. This will help me guide you to the best financial decisions around the finances of post-secondary education. 

With college expenses growing every year, you might expect their importance in financial planning to grow at the same time. From my experience, though, often college costs are merely a line item – viewed as an expense that can’t be managed or avoided without foregoing college altogether – and not a focal point for planning. That needs to change.

For my clients, these services are an additional part of our relationship with no extra cost. For non-clients, I plan to offer an hourly rate to assist people utilizing the knowledge I’ve acquired. 

I’m excited to help students, families, and to put what I’ve learned into action for my own kids as well.

If you're curious about what the other letters after my name, CPWA® , mean, click here.